Reimagining STEM education via the application of different pedagogies and praxis to repair the harm STEM has inflicted onto marginalized communities.

Why Now?

As we are entering a new virtual “normal” it is crucial that each and everyone of us has equitable resources to make that transition. Today students are of peculiar importance because they are experiencing unique systemic inequity manifesting as disproportionate learning outcomes induced by COVID-19. For immigrant students the extra layer of legal status exacerbates all negative impacts of the pandemic. 

Expanding computer science literacy rates to encourage self-efficacy is of the utmost importance in a time where students need go above and beyond just to attend virtual classrooms. 

Why Us?

DSI acknowledges that the identity of immigrants has historically been politicized and systematically dehumanized. You a apart of this community are burdened with low college attainment rates and even smaller STEM degree attainment rates. 


DSI is among the few organization increasing computer science literacy rates by servicing to youth regardless of legal status. 

Our Why:

 We are reimagining STEM education to repair the harm it has inflicted onto marginalized communities. 

Our What:

We aim to expand computer science literacy rates among immigrant youth and drive equity through training the next generation of STEM Professionals.

Our How:

We host virtual coding camps in which immigrant youth receive coding instruction, mentoring, and free resources to build self-efficacy. Leveraging our partners we provide a space for continued learning and empowerment at our inaugural hackathon. 

Our Partners

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